Global Minds. Local Ties.

Who is the Collective?

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Independent Organizations, Aligned Values.

The Global Learning Collective is the first truly global consortium of educational organizations that share similar values, offer a personal connection to your in-country host partner, while providing on-the-ground expertise and local access in each region of the globe.


Everyone wants partners that are local experts in the area overseas, who are part of the local community and invested in its success. This can be very difficult to achieve with organizational consolidation and mergers, because often in those instances the heart and driving engine of the local organization is no longer local.


Each Collective organization strives to execute engaging and immersive education programs for students, with a specific attention to customization and flexibility that is unmatched.


Each of the Collective’s organizations is personalized, smaller, and mission-driven in the way that we design study abroad programming. These attributes are intentional, and built into the fabric of each organization. We believe fully in who we are independently, as well as who we are as a Collective.

Our Mission

To transform students through experiential learning, global education and localized support in all regions of the world.

Build your own program with the Collective, or join one of our catalog of offerings!  Any duration, any location, the Collective is your trusted resource for personalized, localized programming across the globe.

Our Core Principles

Anywhere around the globe and at anytime of day, students engaged in Collective programs will be involved in meaningful and truly impactful educational opportunities, with dedicated and involved local support, leading to positive life-changing experiences. From Brazil to Tanzania to Germany to China, the sun never sets on the Collective’s programs!

To achieve our vision, each Global Learning Collective member adheres to the following principles:

Independent Organizations. Aligned Values.

We Care Commitment.

Local Communities for Global Good.

Your In-Country Host Partner.

Service and Support, Above and Beyond.



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