What We Do

The Global Learning Collective is a consortium of regionally specialized and experienced international partner organizations. Together, the Collective members support a comprehensive catalog of intercultural programs and experiences.

How Customized Programs Work

STEP 1: Contact Us

Whether you have all the details in mind for a faculty-led program, or if you’d just like to learn more about the Global Learning Collective and its member organizations, we encourage you to reach out to our Director of Partner Relations to discuss your interests and needs.

STEP 2: Consultation

Once you have a specific program in mind, submit our Request for Proposal form or provide relevant details directly to our Director of Partner Relations. You will then be connected to the Collective organization(s) that can best meet your needs.

STEP 3: Proposal

The relevant Collective organization to which you were referred will provide you with a fully customized program proposal. The proposal serves as a starting point and is subject to further discussion and revisions to meet your needs.

Step 4: Preparation and Execution

Once satisfied with the program proposal, you will work directly with the independent Collective organization to finalize a contract and execute the program.

Step 5: Feedback and Follow-up

After the program is finalized and finished, we encourage you to provide feedback about your experience to our team. We will share information about available returnee and recurring program incentives.

Virtual Exchange Programs

Collective members offer virtual experiences with a variety of formats, from internships and case competitions with local businesses, to virtual exchange programs that integrate cultural activities and site visits, service learning activities, industry speakers and panels, class sessions, local student interactions, and more, in an online setting.

Virtual activities can be integrated into a pre-existing university course or as a part of an international program itinerary that is completely virtual or a hybrid model. As with travel programs, virtual and hybrid experiences can be fully customized for school and university groups in many of the Collective locations.  Contact Us to inquire about virtual exchange opportunities.