Student Perspectives on the Value of Virtual Exchange [March 2021 Roundtable]

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Session Description: Coronavirus-related disruptions to international education mobility have led to a dramatic expansion of virtual exchange opportunities across the field. During this roundtable conversation, we engage directly with the audience intended to benefit from virtual exchange: students. Recent participants of virtual programs share their perspective on what the experience was like, skills and knowledge they gained, as well as recommendations for students and administrators considering these types of opportunities. Program coordinators from the Collective also share insights about virtual exchange best practices.

Featured Panelists: André Siffert, Institutional Relationship Manager, Campus b; Manxin Chen, Undergraduate Student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; Giovanna Cabral, Undergraduate Student at Insper; Murad Jah, Undergraduate Student at the University of Southern California.

Global Perspectives on Travel, Tourism and Education [November 2020 Roundtable]

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Session Description: As the coronavirus pandemic has led to shifts in travel-related industries and operations across the globe, professionals in these fields continue to look ahead and adapt amid ongoing uncertainty.  During this roundtable, our global panel of tourism experts and experienced international educators share their insights about the current state of travel and what they anticipate as trends in their global region looking ahead to 2021, offering perspective about accessibility for travelers and students, health/safety considerations, as well as public response to the pandemic.

Featured Panelists: Liping Cai, PhD, Purdue University (Moderator); Howard Adler, EdD, Purdue University; Thiago Allis, PhD, Universidade de São Paulo; Daisy Ouyang, The Asia Institute

VFW Schedule

Recordings Available from Virtual Familiarization Week: “A Sustainable Future for All” [September 2020]

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Sessions hosted by each of the Collective’s member organizations offered participants the chance to experience a virtual exchange session firsthand in different regions of the globe. Recordings from the sessions are available upon request (contact virtual@glcollective.org).

The Future of International Education: Innovative Virtual Exchange Program Models [June 2020 Webinar]

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Webinar Description: Panelists representing both university faculty and international program partner perspectives share their approach to development of a Virtual Exchange program, offering feedback on the successes and growth opportunities learned throughout the program development and delivery process.

Featured Panelists: Erica Piros Kovacs, MSc., DSc., Clinical Assistant Professor of International Business, Indiana University – Kelley School of Business; Daniel Amgarten, Co-founder & CEO, Campus b; Drew Kahn, Distinguished Service Professor, Director, Anne Frank Project, SUNY Buffalo State; Heidi Barends, PhD, Academic Director, EDU Africa

The Future of Student Mobility: A Student-Centric Approach [May 2020 Webinar]

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Webinar Description: A panel discussion about the transformation of the field of international education as a result of the global pandemic and other relevant trends, focusing on key aspects of education abroad in relation to student needs (e.g. academic requirements, risk and safety management, student engagement, etc.) with best practices and experience sharing from both a study abroad office and partner/provider perspective.

Featured Panelists: Stacy McKay Benander, Founder & President of Athena Study Abroad; David Comp, PhD, Assistant Provost for Global Education, Columbia College Chicago; Bradley A. Feuling, Chairman and CEO, The Asia Institute; and Jenna Graff, Director, Office of International Education, The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.